Category 6 Goes Full-On Fusion

Like some relationships,Jazz-Fusion is complicated, which may be why few bands ever attempt playing it. Category 6 goes full-on fusion, mastering difficult time signatures and scales, creating a sound powerful enough to be worthy to be named a yet-to-be-classified storm, but you know it’s coming.
The incredible, but rarely-heard music from the genius minds of Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa, Alphonse Mouzan and others forms the basis of the Category 6 catalog, and whether you’re a casual listener or professional musician, there’s no denying that this Denver-based band expertly plays great difficult music.
Consisting of 6 highly trained players, the rhythmic foundation of Category 6 is held down by Scott Fitzgerald on Bass Guitar, Dean McCall on drums (I’d challenge you to close your eyes and not think of Billy Cobham) with Dave Perlowski playing counterpoint on percussion. On Guitar is Tommy Aguilar whose skills transcend as he pays homage to Tommy Bolin, Frank Zappa and John Mclaughlin. Jonas Space Cowboy Schultz (Keyboard)and Matt Brodie (Saxophones) weave intricate “melodic” passages, elevating the Category 6 sound to etherial heights, but at any point either will fall in to the the rhythm producing an incomparable and compelling pulse.
So we issue this dare: Hear Category 6 and see that this is all understatement!

Band Members
Dean McCall – Drums
Dave Perlowski – Percussion
Tommy Aguilar – Guitar
Evan Weigel – Bass
Caleb Sutton – Keys