Dean McCall- Drums

Dean McCall has played drum kit with over 25 performing bands, plus studio sessions and jam sessions, since the late 60’s.  He is multi-genre, having played big band and small combo jazz, progressive rock, heavy metal, indie rock, commercial/pop and other genres.  Roughly half the bands played 100% original material.  He is trained in classical percussion instruments and music theory.  He sings both lead and backup/harmony as a tenor.  He is an experienced videographer and audio engineer.  He uses Yamaha and Tama drum kits, Zildjian cymbals, DW pedals, Remo heads, and ProMark sticks.  Discography: Alaska 12 (Death & Taxe$, prog rock); Automatic Happy (Present Tense, indy rock); Rising from the Ashes (Medusa, proto-metal).